YUDHO (b.1990) is a multidisciplinary artist from Indonesia who is currently focused on digital art. From a young age, he has been captivated by the world of art, with a passion for expressing his emotions and thoughts through painting.

He began his professional journey in art college, where he refined his skills in painting. While digital art is now the form he is most focused on, YUDHO’s love for the medium also extends to physical works as well.

When creating, the artist draws inspiration from a wide range of sources, including daily life experiences, family, love, music, news, and most recently the Web3 world. 

This diverse range of inspirations continues to shape and evolve his artistic style and directly contributes to the depth of complexity often found in YUDHO’s works.

His current style involves a playful take on pixel art, which he term "dirty pixels," deviating from how raw it is and from the norm by creating large-scale pixel art that challenges conventional rules. This unconventional approach involves merging and moving pixels randomly, forming a pointillistic noise that creates depth and texture. In exploring this pixelated chaos art style, YUDHO’s art mirrors the digital noise we encounter daily—the influx of information on social media.

Pixel art, in his view, serves as a bridge between technology and humanity.
We interact with pixels everday, it is part of our life – we made contact with pixel through phone screens, TVs, and now even on our watches and eyeglasses. It stands as a perfect medium to narrate the story of human connection with technology, portraying the relationship between creator and creation. In this interaction, we continuously shape and reshape each other.

Throughout his career, the artist has garnered impressive recognition, from his work being acquired by well-known collectors to having pieces exhibited at various physical NFT events around the world.

As a full-time artist, creating is not only a passion or a hobby for YUDHO but rather a way of life. He finds joy in every aspect of the creative process, from making art to connecting with others through his work.


2008-2013 - Bachelor of Art, Faculty of Art & Design,
Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB) INDONESIA


2023 "Pixelation" Superchief Gallery x The Canvas Gallery, New York, USA

2023 "Dive" The Gates Hotel, Miami, USA

2023 "TEZARTMTL" Tezos Art Montreal Exhibition, Montreal, Canada.

2023 “ Artists Village” at NFT.NYC. New York, USA

2022 “CULTR3 CR3ATRS”. Punto Blu, Seoul, South Korea.

2022 “ NFT Art Prized Moments II “ Artmoments, Sheraton Hotel, Jakarta, Indonesia.

2022 “INSTINC D:Art Festival”. INSTINC Art Space, Singapore, Singapore.

2022 “A Screen of One’s Own” NFT Asia x Superchief NFT. Superchief Gallery NFT, New York, USA.

2014 “PER- Pour Les Enfants de la Rue”. Koi Gallery, Jakarta, Indonesia.

2014 “ARTE 2014” Art Fair , Jakarta Convention Center, Jakarta, Indonesia.

2013 “Soemardja Awards 2013”. Galeri Soemardja, Bandung, Indonesia.

2013 “PER- Pour Les Enfants de la Rue”. Koi Gallery, Jakarta, Indonesia.

2012 “15x15x15”. Galeri Soemardja, Bandung, Indonesia.

2012 “PER- Pour Les Enfants de la Rue”. Koi Gallery, Jakarta, Indonesia.

2012 “Mix Template” painting exhibition. Galeri Kita, Bandung, Indonesia.

2012 “The Wicked Artist and The Innocent Thief”. Gedung Indonesia Menggugat, Bandung, Indonesia.
2011 “PER- Pour Les Enfants de la Rue”. Duta Fine Arts Foundation Gallery, Jakarta, Indonesia.

2011 “Artist’s studio”. Paris Van Java Mall, Bandung, Indonesia.

2011 “Aroma Kengerian”, art exhibition tribute to Kelelawar Malam. Galeri Kita, Bandung, Indonesia.

2010 “Bandung Affairs Logoset”. Loubelle, Bandung, Indonesia.

2010 “Meniru” drawing exhibition. Gedung CC Barat ITB, Bandung, Indonesia.

2009 “Titik” First year FSRD students art exhibition. GSG ITB, Bandung, Indonesia.